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Here’s the crazy thing I did….crazy like a fox that is! And how my life continues to change for the better

By May 25, 2017 Epicure, Living, Rambling

The Crazy Thing I Did

First things first, because I’m sure a you are on the edge of your seat!  I signed up to be an independent Epicure consultant!

Epicure. Good Food. Real Fast.

Epicure. Good Food. Real Fast.

If you don’t know what epicure is, check it out!  They are no longer a dip company.  I have been to two Epicure cooking classes in the last year, and each time I come away feeling inspired to eat clean and wanting a lot of their products!  This is why I signed up.  They have a program called Good Food.  Real Results.  It is a 90 day clean eating program and it costs over $200.  I am one of those people enjoys trying different things, and I like to jump in with both feet!  After about a year and a half of eating processed crap much more than I would like to admit, I am ready to focus on my personal health.

When I say personal health, the best change I can make is to eat more healthfully.  But I am soooo sick of veggies, the preparation time, meal planning and grocery shopping. It feels like work now, sometimes I wish I could take a nutrient shake three times a day and be done with it!  Now I can totally relate to my Mom, when I was a teenager I remember her being so annoyed by deciding what have for supper, making it and grocery shopping.  I used to think jeez… I can’t wait to do my own groceries, and cook whatever I want!  That lasted about well 5 years of living on my own, now I am desperate to eat good food real fast!

Epicure to the rescue!  They promise to teach you how to make a healthy delicious meal in 20 minutes or less!  This may turn into a bit of a food blog because I plan to keep documenting my progress with Epicure here, just a forewarning.

Life Feels Easier Every Day

Maybe it was the bike ride I did last night but I really feel great today!  My mood has caused me to reflect on the past few months so see how things are different.

Sleep is my best friend!

I haven’t used an alarm to wake up in 6 months!  Before you make fun of me, because I don’t have a job or kids to be up for; I have a standing commitment to meet my bestie and her babes for a walk at 8:25 am.  These morning walks have come to be a staple in my life.  I often used to sleep in and be late or miss them all together.  Now I’m up and ready to roll with Georgia usually before 8:25am! After getting a solid 8 hours of sleep!  Yep thats right 8 hours, am I bragging, a little.  For years trying to fit in a job, exercise, healthy eating, family and social relationships I was lucky to get 7 hours.  I go to bed now sleep, wake up feeling rested and start my day!

All that rest has translated into more energy.  It took a long time, I slept for an average of 10 hours a night for the first three months of not working.  I would even have naps too, looking back on it sleep was so soothing then.  My free time would be spent playing games on the iPad or watching tv, or playing video games on the X box.  This made me even lazier!  But it had the advantage of keeping my mind occupied, without actually having to do anything.  Over time I turned this energy into projects around the house.  This probably happened way faster from my partner guilting me, not on purpose, but what I believe was out of worry and fear for me.  He probably knows me better than I like to admit!

I came to  love DIY

I have always wanted to be that DIY person, I love the channel and all the shows on home improvement.  About a year ago now I had convinced my partner to renovate our bedroom and put in a walk in closet.  This project along with many others had been just sitting around waiting….for what I don’t know!   I changed out light switches, outlets, replaced the ceiling fans in the living room, a chandelier in the front hall, and put a new light in our bedroom.  We bought and I learned, with the help of family how to lay down laminate flooring.  I did the baseboard and the the trim in the bedroom, I even made the built-ins in the walk in  closet.  All of these things gave me so much self confidence and pleasure. I loved looking at my hard work, and loved showing it off even more!

Patience is key to renovations, which I learned.  By not putting expectations on myself I felt I was able to accomplish more.  When I had a job I always felt strapped for time, this caused me to become anxious and hurried all of the time.  If I try to hurry I make mistakes left right and centre, which in turn causes me to become more excited and anxious.  When I slowed down and focused only on the task at hand, something amazing happened!  I felt more relaxed, I accomplished more work, of a greater quality and was excited to do it the next day.  Then I realized this is called being present!  I was present for snippets of the day, and it wasn’t chemically induced!

Living day by day serves me now

Listening to my body helps me live day by day.  For  example if I feel tired I shouldn’t do painting because I’m going to make mistakes and get frustrated.  Ignoring my body and feelings had become a necessary survival skill that was no longer needed.  Sometimes when you don’t want to be around people you shouldn’t be!      It has happened to me before, I would go out with my running group and end up frustrated an crying.  This makes people compelled to help, but they can’t.  Then I would feel like a whiner and even worse than I had before.  I guess this is part of the reason I stopped running, it was no longer making me happy.  That realization in itself was huge!  It had nothing to do with my running group, and everything to do with me.

Do I have any regrets?  Nope, not a one!  Everyday I wake up and feel thankful for my life, and that I don’t have to go to work at my old job.  I’m not scared or worried, and I’m not counting the days until I get old and can stop working.  I went for my first Wednesday night ride with the cycling club, and it was hard, but very rewarding.  I have missed the running group dearly so I’m happy to try a new sport  and join a group of likeminded people to do it with.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!



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