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DIY Lotion Recipe Review

By May 14, 2017 DIY, Essential Oils, Uncategorized

Happy Mothers Day everyone!  It feels like I haven’t posted in a forever!  My Mama is away today so I thought I would use this time to whip up a post about my lotion adventure.  I found a recipe on Pinterest called “How to Make Non-Greasy Lotion” from Going Zero Waste that I used.  Spoiler alert!  It turned out great, it almost has the consistency of noxema cream, no tingling though.

I started getting into making my own beauty products after I took a webinar from the Aromahead Institute. I stumbled across the Aromahead Institute on Facebook because some of my friends had shared the free webinars. So thank you social media!

The webinar was called Essential Oils for Allergies, it was about an hour long and it provided 5 recipes.  One of these was called The Best Smelling Cleaning Spray and I absolutely love this stuff, it has lemon, orange and peppermint essential oils, and liquid Castile soap.  I use it for everything, bathrooms, windows, counters, it is good on grease, smells amazing and is a natural insect repellent.  We have an annual ant problem in our kitchen and this spray seems to be helping keep them at bay.

If you check out the website they offer about four different Free Trainings so go check it out, I am going to take advantage now that I know about it!

So back to my lotion, I was a little concerned because of my face lotion mishap.  I did not get the emulsification complete, so I had a mixture of lotion and aloe Vera gel.  I think the reason this was is because I skipped using a double boiler to melt the beeswax and oils.  I just melted it on top of the stove in a small pot.  So my theory is that I got the oils too hot to emulsify with the water and aloe Vera gel.

Here are the ingredients that I used

  • almond oil
  • beeswax
  • cocoa butter
  • vitamin E oil
  • water

I then heated the grated beeswax, cocoa butter and almond oil in my makeshift double boiler.

Heating the almond oil, beeswax and cocoa butter in my makeshift double boiler.

Everything is melted and ready for the vitamin E oil and emulsification

The next step was to add 3/4 cup of water to your blender, I used a Ninja Blender.  I added the 3/4 cup of water and slowly added the oils into the top of the blender.  When I say slowly it seemed to take a long time probably 5-10 minutes.  My oils started to thicken near the end because they had cooled down. I had to stop and scrape down the sides of the blender a few times.  I stopped blending it when all of the water had been emulsified into the oils.  Near the end you could see water droplets surrounded by creamy white lotion while scraping down the sides of the blender.

I scraped the lotion out and into a container.  It looked like success!

It goes on nice and light, and smells like cocoa butter.

I became curious to see what the actual cost of making this lotion was.  So I crunched a few numbers, which I will not post but am happy to share if you contact me.  I calculated the cost of goods including the 13% sales tax we have to pay here in Ontario, Canada.  Here are the costs of ingredients:

  • almond oil $23.42/ 473 mL @ 142 mL used = $7.12
  • cocoa butter $19.20/207 mL @ 30 mL used = $2.78
  • beeswax $16.49/ 4 oz @ 1 oz used                   = $4.12
  • vitamin E oil $18.5/ 50mL @ 30 mL used     = $11.25
  • GRAND TOTAL  642 mL lotion               = $25.27

When I first saw this number I felt disappointment I really thought this was so much cheaper.  So I went on a venture to justify my hard work and mad lotion making skills!

I found a vitamin E lotion from The Body Shop that cost $13.00 for 250 mL, so for 642 mL the price would be more than the cost of my lotion.  I honestly didn’t look too hard.  I figured that the Body Shop is a trusted company in the lotion world, and although it’s not top shelf, its a middle of the road kind of brand, but sort of specialty.  When I read the ingredient list of the Body Shop lotion I felt a hundred times better.  It had all sorts of things I couldn’t pronounce, my lotion has 5 ingredients!

So in the long run I didn’t count my time, the cost of the electricity I used and other small variables (think cost of gas used to purchase ingredients, pro rated cost of blender etc.) I’m sure people could pick out many if they wanted to. Basically if I wanted to split hairs I would never make my own lotion again because it is just cheaper to buy it.

But there is some kind of satisfaction that can be gained by making something on your own from scratch. I beam with pride every time I slather that lotion on my body knowing that I made it myself.  I think it is a form of self love for me.  Caring enough to spend my time to create products so that I can nurture my body.  It also helps that I have no job ;-).

If you’ve got the time, give a DIY beauty product a whirl, I promise you they are not as hard as you think!


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