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Relaxing at the cottage, yes that’s right no job and takin a vacay anyway!

By May 7, 2017 Travel, Uncategorized

Yes that’s right people I took a vacation from NO job, and it was wonderful!  Here is a great quote from Seinfeld that I think says it all!

Seinfeld Meme

Aaron, I and another couple rented a cottage on Lake Nipissing, near a little town called Callander.  Aaron and I had been to this place before, it is amazing, don’t worry I will add pics!  We have rented a few other cottages and this one blows them all out of the water!  The cottage is surrounded by acres of conservation land, which you have to drive through to get to the cottage.  Then when you see the cottage it is extremely private, with your own beach front, boat launch, patios, decks, everything, the cottage is nothing to sneeze at either.

For us the cottage is about peace and relaxation, there is no internet and no phone, which means we get to step out of our habits for a week and try to enjoy life differently.  Don’t get me wrong, we still use our phones, and the internet, it just has to be conserved.  Lucky for me I got a good deal on 6 Gof data for a month, which made it possible for me to continue working on the blog through out the week.

There was one or two days of sun, which I took full advantage of! I splurged and bought myself a bottle of prosecco, yum!  It went straight to my head, no pictures of that though 😉

A little bubbly on the patio

We even got a nice sunset one night! Aaron and I made sure to take it in down on the beach.  These simple pleasures in life brought everyone so much joy, and that is what cottage life is all about.

Aaron’s silhouette


Now my pictures don’t do the landscaping and stone work justice but it is AMAZING the owner is a gifted and tries to incorporate the beauty of the landscape into his work.

Sunset on Lake Nipissing

Path to the beach, lit up by the sunset

It truly is a beautiful property we were visited by three deer on a few occasions, sorry no pics, they weren’t hanging around long with the dogs barking at them.  I also got to see a huge bird pull something out of the lake, a rabbit, a chipmunk family and what we think was a hawk, circling around an open field hunting for prey.  I do have to say I feel more like we intruded on their life, I really felt like the deer were perplexed and possibly annoyed as to why humans had invaded their space early.

Ceasar & Georgia enjoying cottage life

Georgia enjoying the view

In spite of the wind and rain everyone had a great time.  Now it’s time for me to get back to reality and keep plugging away at making my new lifestyle sustainable.



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